Fed up of your boss? Getting beaten down by the daily commute? Ready to ditch the 9-5? 
It might be a sign that you’re ready to take the plunge and start your own small business. And, with reduced overheads and increased flexibility, a digital home-based business has never been such a viable option. The only question is, what on earth are you going to do? You need to have a good think about where your strengths lie and whether this can make an income. To help you get the ball rolling, we’ve come up with six digital careers for you to consider when starting a small business from home. 

1. Dropshipping or affiliate marketing 

Starting a dropshipping business would be a great step into the digital business world. It enables you to sell products to customers, set your own prices, and market your own brand. The big bonus? You won’t need to hold any inventory AND you won’t need to pay for any inventory until it is sold to a customer. Once the sale has been made the product will be shipped straight from the warehouse to your customer’s doorstep, meaning you won’t need to concern yourself with storing, packaging, or shipping. What a dream! 
The hard truth is that this is not a get rich quick scheme - whilst it might sound like easy money, it can be difficult to compete within a highly competitive environment and you will find yourself at the mercy of the supply chain. 
Affiliate Marketing may be another option. This is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. This means that you would simply search for a product, promote it, and then earn a piece of profit from each sale that you make. However, like dropshipping, it can take a while to get established and it does take a lot of self-discipline. Also, it is important to know that you will have no control over pricing or commissions. 

2. Blogging or copywriting 

If you enjoy writing and getting a bit creative, blogging might be the option for you. A blog is simply an online journal where people can share their experiences or share information with other readers. As a blogger you will have the power to inspire your audience and build your online brand, whilst improving your writing skills. Building your brand is key to transforming your blog into something more; otherwise, it is unlikely that it will be a profitable venture. For the majority, blogging remains a hobby! 
If you’re looking for more structure, copywriting is a great alternative. You can still let your creative juices flow - but you will be writing for the purpose of advertising on different channels such as websites and print advertisements. You will need to produce interesting written content that increases brand awareness and, ultimately, persuades people to take action. Often, this is a great freelance venture but churning out copy day in day out can get a little tiresome. 

3. Virtual store 

A virtual store takes the full browsing experience of shopping in-store and makes it digital. As a result, customers can explore just as they would in real life from the comfort of their own home. This offers shoppers convenience, interactivity, and engagement and with such efficient technology at our fingertips, it offers a revolutionary way to shop as you are able to reach new customers from all over the country. However, a virtual store does come with its difficulties - it can be difficult to establish yourself - and there are still some customers who prefer to see the product itself. 

4. Training and tutoring webinars 

Training and tutoring are extremely rewarding ways to share your knowledge and help others, while earning some extra income. There are so many opportunities available, and you will have great flexibility in your approach to ensure that your students reach their maximum potential. Along with this comes flexible hours and intellectual fulfilment. However, whilst it does provide great convenience, it does open the door for distractions and technological related problems. 

5. Become a virtual assistant 

This may be the first time you have had to manage your time. Whilst you should enjoy the flexibility and freedom that comes with being your own boss, it is important to be strict with yourself to ensure you are working effectively. The key here is to plan your time out carefully, ensuring that you have regular breaks. Work smarter, not harder! 

6. Join an online franchise 

A key benefit of joining a franchise is that you are immediately provided with a proven business model. The strategies behind the franchise have been tried, tested, and refined over time and have ensured that the business is well established within its target market. When you join a franchise, your new business will have an instant competitive edge as customers will already be aware of the franchise brand, its services, products, and its reputation. 
Franchises effectively provide you with the best of both worlds. Whilst you’re still in control of your own business, and you can profit from the independence this provides, you don’t have to go it alone. The franchisor will provide training and resources as well as access to an expert team you can turn to for help with many aspects of running your business. As you will have to undertake a variety of different roles, you will find yourself switching from consultant to salesperson to marketer within a matter of hours. One of the greatest benefits of buying into a franchise is that it provides you with an admirable work-life balance. You get to enjoy all the freedom of being your own boss, but with the added peace of mind of an established business behind you. It’s the perfect way to take back control of your life and experience real job satisfaction, as you’re able to organise your career to suit your lifestyle, with flexible working and greater independence. 
If you’re looking for a franchise model that ticks all these boxes, partnering with the It’seeze franchise might just be the solution for you. An it’seeze franchise gives you the opportunity to run a forward-thinking and cutting-edge website consultancy business, with expert support to guide you every step of the way. Our successful business model has been developed over more than a decade of strong profitable growth. If this sounds right up your street, please get in contact with us today to find out how you can start a successful digital business from the comfort of your own home. 
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