Have you ever considered becoming your own boss, starting your own business, or launching an entrepreneurial career? You’re not alone! In fact, almost two thirds (64%) of the UK workforce wants to set up a business. 
With more individuals than ever making the jump to starting up their own businesses, being self-employed has never been so appealing. Along with the usual frustrations that come with being employed by somebody else – mind-numbing commutes spring to mind – there’s a host of reasons why running your own business can be life-changing. 

1. Be your own boss 

One of the biggest temptations of running your own business is that you get to be your own boss. Many of us dream of escaping the rat race: no more answering to anyone else or locking horns with a superior whose management style you just cannot get on board with.  
Becoming your own boss comes with an array of freedoms that you simply won’t experience when you’re employed by somebody else. With nobody else watching over you and micromanaging your every move, you’ll experience a newfound control over how and when you work that you never had as an employee. Aside from your clients, there’s nobody else interfering with how you get from A to B. Complete freedom over every aspect of your work is the reality of being your own boss! 
If you’re nervous about the prospect of starting your own business, we totally understand. Whilst having unprohibited freedom is a great thing, it can also be daunting starting to build a business up from scratch! You might be wondering where you start, what are the very first steps you should take and in what order. There are solutions, though. 
Joining a franchise is the perfect way to reap the benefits of both a home-based business and having the backing of an established company to help and support you along the way. Working with a franchise such as it’seeze, for example, means you can be “in business for yourself, but not by yourself”. 

2. Earn more money 

Working for yourself also means a bigger, fatter pay cheque! Freelancers can earn up to 45% more than those who are traditionally employed, with no cap on your income allowing you to keep more of what you earn for yourself. With a home-based business, you can also reap the benefits of putting in those extra overtime hours. Working for someone else usually means you don’t see any reward for time above and beyond your contracted hours. 
If you were to join a franchise, you’d have access to unlimited financial freedoms which you certainly wouldn’t as a regular employee. At it’seeze, for example, there is no limit on how much you can earn, and you have the opportunity to earn ongoing commission. For many, the prospect of not having a guaranteed monthly income whilst you’re starting and building your self-employed business can fill you with dread. Plus, when self-employed people get ill or want to take some time off, they usually don’t have the benefit of sick pay or paid annual leave to fall back on. If you work with a business franchise, then this isn’t the case - you’ll always have an income that you can rely on! 
“The ability to earn a residual income was definitely the icing on the cake! I wanted the security of knowing that if I am ever ill or even want to take a family holiday, there is still money coming in.” - Suzy Perry, it’seeze franchisee for Bristol 

3. No day is ever the same 

If your 9-5 job working for an employer feels like you’re living your very own Groundhog Day, you’re not alone! For most entrepreneurs, escaping the monotony of their day-to-day job is a tempting enough reason to start their own business. If you take the jump to running a home-based business, then you are making the transition from employee to boss. This promotion brings with it a whole multitude of new responsibilities and priorities. Each day will be unique and exciting, as you begin to handle elements of your own business you may not have handled before, such as business development and sales. 
Escaping the office drama is appealing; nobody wants to be involved in office politics! Starting your own business venture will mean that you don’t have to go through the ordeal of clashing personalities or management styles. 
Being self-employed does have it perks but it comes with some credible concerns too. Won’t I be lonely without any colleagues?, you might ask. Who will I turn to if I have a question about my work? And if I run my own business won’t I have to be everything at once - marketing person, salesperson, and accountant?! 
Joining a franchise gives you the best of both worlds, with the freedom to be your own boss but with the added benefit of a team of experts to support you every step of the way. At it’seeze, our skilled web designers, support team, marketing experts, and finance administrators are all on hand to make sure your business journey is as smooth as possible. That means you’re free to get on with selling it’seeze website packages, supporting your client base, and building a profitable business. 
“The job satisfaction is far greater than I have experienced with any employed roles. It’s given me confidence, broadened my skill set, and given me an insight into a multitude of businesses.” - Garry Stewart, it’seeze franchisee for York 

4. Benefit from a better work-life balance 

Starting your own venture is all about building a business that suits your lifestyle, rather than adapting your lifestyle around your job. Being self-employed offers a whole new work-life balance, so you won’t ever want to return to punching in at the office of a regular old 9 to 5! 
Striking a healthy balance between your work life and personal life is important. If you have a family, love to travel, or need every Wednesday afternoon off for your poetry slam club – whatever commitments you may have, home-based businesses can be worked around them. Building a life around your business and being your own boss gives you the freedom to have flexibility with your work schedule, which is something many employees pine for. 
Another benefit of an it’seeze franchise is that you can work from almost anywhere. Fancy working from your local Costa one afternoon, and in the local library the next? It’s all possible when you work with a franchise, with nobody telling you to come into the office or to work specific hours. You can tailor your workday around your own life, leaving you with more quality time to spend with friends and family. 
“I really wanted to partner with a franchisor that would allow me the flexibility to work from home. The it’seeze franchise appealed to me because not only is it an industry I am familiar with, but by enabling me to set up my it’seeze franchise business at home, it means I can still do the school runs every day - which is really important to me. I can also attend personal appointments in the day when needed, without feeling guilty as I can catch up on my work in the evenings or at weekends.” - Gemma Green, it’seeze franchisee for Knutsford 

Final thoughts 

Working for yourself offers a whole new level of personal freedom and fulfilment that isn’t possible when you’re employed by somebody else. If you’re ready to become your own boss and are interested in starting your own it’seeze business, then get in touch with our team today! 
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