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If you are considering starting your own business, have you thought about taking on a website design franchise? A franchise allows you to run your own business but with the support of the umbrella company. 
To help you understand how an it’seeze franchise works and whether it is an option for you, we answer the most frequently asked questions

How does franchising work? 

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At it’seeze, we’ve licensed our brand and proven business model as a franchisor to selected partners, our franchisees. They go on to run their business, offering website design packages to clients in their local area, which is their protected territory. They receive support from us, the franchisor, as well as benefit from the brand’s reputation. 

Do I need experience in web design? 

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No, you don’t necessarily need website design experience. All website design and development is carried out at our Head office. That said, if you do have a basic understanding of web design or some experience, it does help when talking to your clients. 

What do I get in the franchise package? 

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A designated territory – you will be responsible for your own region, giving you access to hundreds of potential clients in your protected designated territory. 
A dedicated website – you will have your own regional website that provides you with a comprehensive online presence, enabling you to promote your business online instantly. 
A business database – to get you going, we will give you a business database full of local businesses and leads, all of which will be GDPR-compliant, so you can reach out to them immediately. 
Promotional materials – we will give you all the It’seeze branded stationery, marketing literature, sales tools and digital marketing campaigns to help you win new business in your first year. 
An expert CRM system – so that you can easily manage your sales, keep track of your customer base and automate your marketing campaigns, we will give you an expert customer relationship management solution. 
Business documents – this includes comprehensive planning and forecast spreadsheets and a full marketing and business development plan that covers all aspects of your new franchise business. 
A networking subscription – we will give you a 12-month membership to two of the leading business networking groups in the UK and Ireland, helping you to build contacts and reach new potential clients in your area. 
Lead generation services – we will provide two subscriptions that will offer you over 50 qualified leads and help you target potential clients. 
Comprehensive training – we will ensure you receive hands-on coaching and expert guidance from our Head Office team at all times. 
ICO registration – a full 12-month certification to demonstrate that you are complying with GDPR data protection. 
Laptop computer – this will be loaded with all the systems, tools and programmes you will need to manage and run your It’seeze franchise successfully. 

Can I run my it’seeze franchise from home? 

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Yes, of course. That’s a major benefit of an it’seeze franchise is that you can run your business from home. In fact, you can run it from anywhere, meaning you can keep your overheads low and fit your work around your lifestyle. 

What territories are available? 

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We have a variety of exclusive franchise territories available throughout the UK and Ireland. For further information on the current territories available, contact us. 

Can I speak to existing franchisees before I make a decision? 

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Yes, definitely; in fact, we highly recommend that you do talk to existing franchisees before you make your decision. We want you to be fully confident and sure about your decision to join our franchise. We will connect you with existing franchisees so that you can discuss with them our franchise opportunity and decide whether it is right for you. 

What will I do as an it’seeze franchisor? 

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Every day offers different opportunities when running an it’seeze franchise. We will give you everything you need to get you going and support you, particularly during your first year of business. 
When you join the it’seeze franchise, you will become a local website specialist. This incorporates promoting, consulting on and selling It'seeze website design packages to SMEs throughout your protected franchise territory. 
Your aim is to help local SMEs to build and refresh their websites and thrive online. This includes providing ongoing support once their new website has been launched. Part of your role is building working relationships with businesses from a wide variety of industries, building your reputation as a leading website designer of choice in your area. 
When it comes to the technical web design, our Head Office team will manage all of that for you, including website hosting, design and creation, security and technical administration, and monthly invoicing. This means you can focus on promoting and growing your business. 

Can I sell my franchise business in the future? 

Yes, you can. You own it; it’s your it’seeze franchise business that you have spent time growing. So, you can sell your franchise in the future when you feel the time is right. 

How much can I earn from an it’seeze franchise? 

it'seeze Hull - Nic & Sarah Johnson
This really depends on how much time, effort and hard work you put into your franchise business. Once you have invested in your franchise and onboarded your first clients, you will be earning money. You will also continue to earn commission on past sales when you’re not working, i.e. on holiday, giving you a monthly income you can rely on. 
Our franchise is a scalable business model, so the more you put in, the more you will get out. The more clients you take on and the more websites you sell, as well as our additional services, the higher the level of income you could potentially earn. With our support, you can build a profitable, sustainable business with a healthy earning potential. 
If our It’seeze web design franchise interests you and you’d like to find out more, either complete our enquiry form and send it to us, call us to discuss in more detail or schedule your Discovery Call today. 
For more information:  
Call Alex on 01803 401 060 or 07588 903464. Alternatively, contact us via the form below. 
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