Not even a year into their website and digital marketing franchise, and husband and wife team Nic and Sarah Johnson are already enjoying unparalleled success. 
Within just 5 months, the pair had broken the it'seeze franchise's long-standing sales record, which stood at 14 sales in a month and had previously been achieved by 2 franchisees. Nic and Sarah sold an incredible 16 websites during their record-breaking month, and their client base continues to grow and grow. 
But what inspired the couple to join the it'seeze franchise? Nic and Sarah were already running a successful marketing business of their own before they partnered with the website franchise – here’s why they took the plunge: 

Why did you decide to partner with a franchise instead of continuing with your own company? 

Nic: Quite simply, the back-up and support. 
Joining a franchise made a lot of sense to us as a business decision. We were looking to scale up our marketing business, but the cost to employ web developers, web designers, technical staff, and a business support team for a year would far exceed the franchise fee. 
This way, we still get to enjoy the freedom of being our own bosses, but without the additional staffing costs associated with going it alone. 
Sarah: On top of this, the ongoing support offered to franchisees is crucial in helping us grow our business, and it also makes us feel like we’re part of a team. 

What made you choose the it'seeze franchise over other franchises? 

Nic: The website product. It works, it has excellent features, it’s easy to use, and the price points are attractive. The benefits of an it’seeze website far outweigh what a lot of the competition have to offer potential clients, making it an easier sell. 
You could have the best back up and support team in the world, but without a solid product it counts for nothing. 
Sarah: We first heard about the franchise through Rob Davies, the it'seeze franchisee for Ryedale. After learning about the franchise model, we were interested to find out more about the it’seeze product offering and how the it'seeze online marketing franchise operates, and we were impressed by what we learned. 

How did you benefit from attending a Discovery Day? 

Nic: The Discovery Day was our chance to see if the it'seeze franchise was a good fit for us. 
After visiting the head office, chatting with the team and asking a lot of questions, we came away with a much better understanding of what was involved, and we decided that partnering with the it'seeze franchise was something we wanted to do. 
Sarah: The Discovery Day gave us the opportunity to discuss a potential territory and explore the financial model in greater detail. We were given a copy of the franchise agreement in full as well as a list of existing franchisees we could contact to ask about their experience with the it'seeze franchise, which helped us firm up our decision to partner with the brand. 

What aspect of the role do you enjoy most? 

Sarah: As a team, we take on different roles while also keeping each other in check. 
Nic: I like marketing and promoting what we do and I enjoy working directly with clients, getting to know their business, and building long-term relationships. Sarah is a great networker and helps keep our production system running on schedule. 
Most of all we love securing a new client, and ultimately earning a great income! 

What has been your biggest challenge to date? 

Nic: Getting people to understand the benefits of the it’seeze website packages vs. most standard websites. There are so many reasons to choose it’seeze when you compare it to what else is available that it’s easy to overwhelm prospects with all the advantages. 
We’ve found that the best practice is focusing on 2-3 clear benefits depending on the customer – for example, one might care about the added security of an it’seeze website, whereas another might be more interested in how easy an it’seeze website is to update. 
What advice would you give prospective it'seeze franchisees? 
Sarah: As with everything in business, be prepared to work hard, understand your product, and put the hours in. We can honestly say that if you throw yourself into this, it will work for you! 
If you’re interested in following in Nic and Sarah’s footsteps to franchise success, get in touch with us today to find out more about running your own online marketing and web design franchise. 
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