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If you want to run your own business, one of the best ways to get started is to consider investing in a franchise operation. You have the advantage of being backed by a recognised brand, with full support for you business operations, product or service and marketing support from the parent company, and it gives an excellent platform to boost your new business.  However, there is a cost involved in buying a franchise, but how much does it cost? Well, in some ways, how long is a piece of string? It really depends on the type of business and industry you are investing in. 

What do franchises cost? 
A franchise can be available for as little as £500 or, at the other end of the scale, you could spend millions of pounds. In addition, most franchises have borrowing arrangements in place, subject to specific criteria. Let’s look at some examples of popular franchises in the UK. 
The Urban Chocolatier opened its first location in 2013 and has been steadily growing its franchise business ever since. But you will need a minimum investment of £100,000, and expect that to reach £250,000. 
In comparison, Coffee-Bike is a low-cost investment, with them asking for a minimum of £3,500 but, on average, will cost you £20,000. The Broadway Wine Company, as well as BabyBeats and Mindful Movers, are similar. 
But then you have the other end of the scale; to invest in a McDonald’s franchise will set you back anywhere between £500,000 and £1 million. If you think that’s on the expensive side, try KFC for size – they expect you to have a cool £5 million in funds. 
How much does an it’seeze franchise cost? 
Investing in an it’seeze franchise is considered a low-cost entry franchise. With an initial investment of just £5,990, it makes it’seeze one of the best value franchise opportunities in the UK. 
It must be remembered – and this goes for any franchise business – this is the amount of funds you will need to set up, launch and start to grow your business. 
As with any business, over a period of time, you will continue to invest in your company, be it new infrastructure, hardware and software, better initiatives or even your marketing activity. 
Can I get franchise funding? 
A great bonus with an it’seeze franchise is that you may be able to borrow as much as 70% of the total investment (subject to criteria). We’ve established great relationships with a number of banks and funding firms, like Natwest and HSBC, to help you invest in an it’seeze franchise. 
This would cover the franchise fee and the initial working capital needed to get your new business up and running. 
What support do I get? 
Our dedicated business development managers are there to guide you through the financing process and help you set up your business. Once your franchise is operating, we are always on hand to assist where you need it, including supporting you with marketing initiatives and materials, as well as regular training opportunities. 
But a major element in making your new franchise business a success is your own hard work and commitment. With the right level of determination and drive backed up by our it’seeze teams and support from other franchisees, there is every opportunity to generate a healthy income from your business into the future. 
How much could I earn? 
An added bonus with an it’seeze franchise is not just earning a healthy income from website design and builds, there is also the opportunity of making money from ongoing commission on past sales. This comes from monthly website support for your clients and selling the add-on services that it’seeze offers, such as website audits, local SEO service, social media services and content creation. 
There are three main revenue streams with the it'seeze franchise business model: 
Instant websites – you will receive an income on the initial design, build and set up of your client’s websites, applying your own flexible margins to any bespoke website features and/or customisations. 
Residual income – you will earn a fee from your clients’ monthly website subscriptions, so the more clients you have, the more your monthly income will increase. 
Additional services – you also have the opportunity to earn from offering your clients our complementary website marketing services. 
In addition, as part of the it’seeze franchise package and to get your business off to a flying start, you will get 100% of the set-up fee for every website you sell in your first 12 months of operating. Plus, you won’t pay any management fee for the first year of trading. After that, you will only pay £100 per month. 
An it’seeze franchise is based on a completely scalable business model, so the more effort you put in, the more you will get out of your company. Our support teams will share our proven best practices, and with a proactive approach to local marketing, you really can build a profitable, sustainable, long-term business. 
Is an it’seeze franchise right for me? 
Well, ultimately, the decision is up to you. Running your own business, whether it’s a franchise or not, isn’t for everyone. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, determination and commitment, particularly in the early years. 
However, the good news is that when you invest in an it’seeze franchise, not only do you have a low start-up cost, you also get some of the best support and guidance in the franchise industry in the UK. 
You also have the opportunity of becoming an award winner with the UK’s annual franchise awards, but more about that later. 
Have we piqued your interest in an It’seeze franchise? If so, fill out our enquiry form for more information on the financials and our franchise package. Alternatively, get the ball rolling much quicker by Scheduling a Discovery Call today with one of our business development managers and joining the highly successful it’seeze franchise family. 
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