For many people, starting their own business and having the freedom to do their own thing and be their own boss is the dream. 
After years of toiling away in an office for someone else, having to go along with all the bad decisions and mis-steps, finally setting out on your own is a big relief. 
However, the mistake that people make is believing that making the decision to start your own web design business is where the hard work ends. In fact, the reverse is true. This is the point where it gets really tough. Being a self-contained web design agency means possessing or developing a huge range of skills. You have to be adept at making sales, customer service, delegating and accounting – not to mention all the web design and content skills you’re offering. 
Add in the fact that you’re entering a very crowded marketplace, competing against potentially hundreds of other similar sized agencies, all undercutting each other on price, and it suddenly seems very daunting. 
It’s little wonder that the statistics for small businesses not surviving the first year are so terrifying. It’s also little wonder that many people who have dreamt of owning their own agency end up running back to the cover of employment after a short while. 
However, it doesn’t have to be like this. There is another way. One in which you can have the freedom to be your own boss, make your own decisions and take your destiny into your own hands. But one that also comes with the support and skill sharing you get working from a larger business. The it'seeze franchise offers you the chance to strike out on your own but with the safety of a support team and proven business model behind you. 

 Here are some more reasons why choosing a web design franchise might just be the answer you're looking for.  

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You don’t need all the skills to succeed 

As we mentioned above, if you go alone and start a web design agency, then you need to either possess or quickly develop a huge range of skills
You might be a fantastic designer, but if you don’t have the networking, sales or customer service skills then success is going to be difficult.  
Likewise, you might be great with people but not so hot on the technical side of things, which means outsourcing a lot of the everyday jobs to other developers and running the risk that it can be hit and miss as to whether the work is up to scratch. 
If you partner with the it'seeze franchise, you’ll have a team of professional designers and developers on hand, all trained to do things in a certain way. So, when you gain a new customer, you can be sure that the team will deliver work on time and to an exceptional standard, as demonstrated within our portfolio. You don’t even necessarily need to have any design experience. If you can handle the customer-facing part of the business, the it'seeze franchise team have got the rest covered. 
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Your product is in demand 

In 2019, for the first time ever, online shopping overtook physical retail. The idea that online shopping is just a fad is long gone and this is the new reality for most businesses. 
Moving forward, buying online is set to take an even bigger percentage of the market share – bad news for the high street, great news for web developers. 
If you’re in the business of selling optimised, responsive, and well-designed websites, then it looks like business is going to be good for some time to come. Even given the competition, this is an industry that is continuing to grow. 
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Brand recognition 

Given that every business, organisation, and even some individuals need a website, demand is high, and being able to stand out from the crowd can be an invaluable boost. 
Which is where the brand recognition you'll benefit from if you partner with a reputable franchise can really help. Customers will recognise your name and know that you’re associated with providing a great service and a great website. 
They also know there’s the security of dealing with a reputable service provider, and that they will always be able to speak to someone when they need to. Websites are also ongoing projects, requiring updating and maintaining, so dealing with a business that has made all these processes easy can be very reassuring. 
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Work-life balance 

A big part of the idea of going it alone is being able to find a balance between your work and personal life. 
Being free from the constraints of the office and the chains of a business contract should be a liberating experience. But when you find yourself working every hour just to keep your head above water, then you start to wonder why you made the move. 
Becoming business partners with the it'seeze franchise means you have the support of a wider development and training team. You don’t have to keep control over every aspect of the business like a demented puppet master. Your branding, training, and working methods are all in place from the start, leaving you free to run the rest of the business. 
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So, if you’re thinking about making the move to work for yourself, it might be worth thinking about how you’re going to do it. 
Yes, having control over every aspect of the business might seem like a good idea, but the reality is different. 
Starting a new business is fraught with difficulty but being part of the it'seeze franchise gives you the support, expertise, and access to skills that can help you to fully realise your dreams. No matter what kind of support and assistance you need along the way, the team at the it'seeze franchise can help you. That’s why it’s one of the best ways to start a web design agency. 
We can help you achieve more, with a trusted service that helps you work faster and better. 
If you would like to know more about why the it'seeze franchise might be the best option for you, then get in touch with our Franchise Development Manager,  
Alex Brook. 
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Call Alex on 01803 401 060 or 07588 903464 
Alternatively, contact us via the form below. 
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