Here at the it’seeze franchise, we’re always striving to be the best we can be. That’s why we recently took part in The Franchise Satisfaction Benchmark Survey. 
This survey is coordinated by an independent research company – WorkBuzz – meaning we could guarantee that all our franchisees’ individual responses would be kept anonymous. 
Following the survey, we received a detailed report highlighting the it’seeze franchise’s strengths and the areas that could be worked on. 
Completing the survey is voluntary - however, it’s something we encourage all our franchisees to do as it gives them a chance to give formal feedback on how they feel about being an it’seeze franchisee. It’s their opportunity to tell us their views anonymously about what’s working well and where there’s room for improvement, so that together we can make any changes necessary in order to be even more successful. We’re pleased to say that we had some overwhelmingly positive feedback! 
In terms of support from Head Office, 100% of our franchisees were satisfied with the initial training and support they received from us, which we’re incredibly proud of. 96% of our franchisees trust the leadership team at Head Office, and 86% feel favourable about the ongoing support they receive. 85% believe Head Office care about and respond to the issues that are important to them, and 81% feel they are encouraged to share ideas with Head Office. Overall, 81% feel the management service fee represents good value for money. 
On top of this, 100% said they would recommend our franchise to a prospective franchisee. 95% of our franchisees said if they could turn back time, knowing what they know now, they would invest in the franchise again. 95% also said that they felt our products and services are better than the local competition, which just goes to show how our franchise model has been tried and tested, and still comes out on top. 
Our franchise model is also great at motivating and inspiring our franchisees. 100% of our franchisees are motivated to go the extra mile for their customers and 100% are committed to growing their business. 81% feel their long-term prospects for their franchise business are very good, which is a testament to the security our well-established franchise model provides. 95% expect their profitability to improve in 2021, whilst the remaining 5% expect it to stay the same. As well as this, the working environment experienced as part of the it’seeze franchise has proven to not be excessively demanding, with 81% of our franchisees feeling like they have a reasonable balance between family and work life. 
We were also rated highly on how our franchisees interact with both the team here at Head Office, and each other. 81% felt that the support of fellow franchisees is strong, and that they regularly communicate and share best practice. 91% of franchisees feel they are treated fairly and with respect, and 96% feel valued as a franchisee. On top of this, 95% feel that we as a franchisor understand that if franchisees are successful, we will be too. 
Overall, 100% of our franchisees feel proud to be a franchisee with us, and 100% intend to renew their franchise agreement. We’re incredibly pleased that all of our franchisees are proud to be part of the it’seeze team, and we look forward to using these survey results to build on our franchise model even further. 
The feedback received as part of this survey has been pivotal in steering the company forwards. It’s really important that we receive feedback like this, not only to help us keep track but to also focus on areas of the franchise that it’seeze franchisees feel could be improved upon. 
As a franchise we don’t just listen to our franchisees’ views, we act on them. That’s why the senior leadership team at Head Office have since evaluated and put in place actions to improve those few areas of the business that received lower scores and feedback. These aspects have since been discussed with the franchise network and we’ve shared our plans and goals for growing and bettering the franchise for the benefit of all involved. 
If you’re looking to be part of a franchise you can be proud of and where the Head Office team don’t just listen to your views, but act on them, then get in touch with us today! 
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