Are you searching for a new business opportunity where you can be your own boss, work from home permanently, and take control of your work-life balance? 
To help you with your search, we asked our Franchise Development Manager, Alex Brook, a series of questions to gain a further insight into the it'seeze web consultancy franchise: 

How is the it'seeze franchise different from similar franchises in the UK? 

“The it'seeze franchise is a unique web design franchise that offers a business-in-a-box solution to prospective partners looking to start their own business, with the support and recognition of a well-established organisation to back them. 
We’ve been operating as a franchise for 12 years now – far longer than any comparable franchises in the UK. We’re the most established franchise in our sector. We have a large team of 25 skilled and experienced staff members at our Head Office, all of whom are there to support our franchisees. 
Our comprehensive onboarding training consists of five full days of training, followed by spending a day with an established franchisee, where new franchisees get to see first-hand how they run their franchise. With the current crisis, we have now taken our training and mentorship online. We also regularly offer training events via webinar to upskill our franchisees with new marketing techniques and systems. 
Our unique business model means franchisees can earn money from instant income and monthly residual income. They also have more opportunities to increase their earnings, as our Head Office team take care of all the website designing, technical administration, and monthly income - tasks that are commonly undertaken by the franchisees in similar UK franchises. 
Unlike other franchises in the UK, we’re increasingly selective about who we partner with. We only offer a franchise to people who we truly believe have the potential to succeed and the working capital to fund their monthly outgoings whilst they grow their new business.” 

What is your biggest achievement at the it'seeze franchise so far? 

“The it'seeze franchise is now 12 years old, with 50% of our franchisees in their second 5th year term, with some progressing into their third term. They’ve also taken on multiple territories and have grown the business tremendously. 
It was also an incredible honor for our Head Office team to win the Gold Award for 'Outstanding Franchise Marketing' at the inaugural AFA (Approved Franchise Association) Awards last year – something we were extremely proud of, having been up against such strong competition.” 

Why would you recommend the it'seeze franchise to people wanting to join a franchise? 

“The low investment of £14k (75% of which can be borrowed subject to status) makes this an affordable franchise opportunity for most people as this will get their business set up, launched, and growing. Furthermore, with no need for stock, staff, or premises and the opportunity to earn from three income streams and add multiple territories in time to further grow their business, financially this is a favourable option for many. 
The it'seeze franchise also takes away the pressures of starting a new business. Franchisees enjoy all the benefits of growing their own business and working flexible hours, but with a team of expert designers and award-winning support staff to help them succeed. Our team at Head Office work closely with franchisees, from our developers to our marketing experts - we all help them to make the very best of their business. After all, our franchisees’ success is our success!” 

What qualities does the ideal franchisee possess? 

“Our franchisees come from varied backgrounds of expertise, from teachers to web designers, marketers to salesmen - but they all had something in common: a desire to put their skills to use to grow their own business, not someone else’s. 
A knowledge of web design and/or digital marketing is an advantage in helping our franchisees build a strong reputation as the leading local choice for website services. However, this is not essential as our team of expert web designers and developers manage all of the design, technical build, maintenance, hosting, and security for our franchisees’ clients, leaving our franchisees more time to concentrate on winning new business. 
Ultimately, the ideal franchisee will be enthusiastic and driven - someone who enjoys helping local businesses and engaging with different people.” 

How long does the process of starting an it'seeze franchise take? 

“The process of starting a franchise with the it'seeze franchise is simple. Firstly, I’d recommend speaking directly with me over the phone. Once I’ve answered any initial queries, I invite potential business partners to join me for a virtual Discovery Day. It’s a chance to find out more about the team and delve deeper into the details from financials to operations and everything in between. 
From the initial phone call to starting an it'seeze franchise, it can take as little as a month.” 

How much support and training is offered to your franchisees? 

“The initial franchise investment is reinvested into the franchise pack so new franchisees can hit the ground running. The franchise pack contains everything a franchisee will need initially to get their business set up and launched and then to grow and generate new business. 
Furthermore, we provide comprehensive training to our franchisees and promote a strong peer-to-peer culture across multiple platforms and events. 
We support our franchisees as soon as they join us, by giving them an online 5-day training course to learn everything about running a successful digital marketing franchise. They also benefit from a virtual day with one of our current it’seeze franchisees, seeing how they run their business. 
As well as a full induction from the outset, all franchisees have multiple opportunities to upskill - whether it be through how-to videos, webinars, training courses with Head Office or through third-party trainers. 
Our information-packed Support Website also provides ongoing support to our franchise network by consisting of various useful tools, resources, documents, and advice, including FAQs by department, how-to videos, marketing assets, and useful contact information. Within the Support Site are also two online forums that all franchisees can interact on. 
Once a year, everyone involved in the it'seeze franchise gets together for the annual conference. It’s a chance to meet other franchisees, learn more about one another's business, and share hard-won industry knowledge. 
I also dedicate my time to supporting franchisees throughout the whole of their business journey, regularly communicating with franchisees on the phone, and through email, video conferencing, and face-to-face meetings. I use this time to discuss how things are going, to identify and share best practice, and to assist franchisees in overcoming any challenges.” 
For more information:  
Call Alex on 01803 401 060 or 07588 903464 
Alternatively, contact us via the form below. 
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