Flexible Franchising: The Ultimate Career Path
If you are considering starting your own business, have you thought about taking on a website design franchise? A franchise allows you to run your own business with built-in flexibility and support from the parent company. Your success as a franchisee has a direct impact on them, too. 
Over the last ten years, there has been a 25% increase in the number of people taking on a franchise, and there are now more than 48,000 franchised businesses in the UK alone. It offers people the opportunity to build their own businesses while providing flexibility in creating a rewarding career path. 
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 How does franchising work? 

Franchising is when a well-known and established business (just think Mcdonald's) enables a third party person to run a business under their trade name. In return for an upfront franchise fee and a percentage of revenue from sales, the parent company provides the branding and support to the franchisor to help them build a successful business. 
It’seeze is a well-known and successful website design company, and we’ve licensed our brand, as well as our proven business model, to franchisees who go on to run their businesses offering website design packages to clients in their local area. We protect their area and support them in many different ways, while they benefit from the It’seeze brand’s reputation. 
In many cases, you don’t need to be experienced in the franchise industry. For example, our franchisees don’t need to be experienced website designers as this side of the packages they offer is done by our Head office. However, having a basic understanding of web design or some experience will make a difference when talking to clients. 
Steve Axtell, one of our franchisees for the last ten years, was originally a General Manager for a small company in Bedford. But he wanted to start and build his own business. He chose it’seeze and hasn’t looked back. In fact, not only has he committed to a further five years as a franchisee with It’seeze, but his brother Andy has also become a franchisee in the Milton Keynes area. 
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 What's in a franchise package? 

What is included in a franchise package largely depends on the parent company, such as the level of support and resources they are prepared to provide. But to give you an example of what an award-winning franchise package may include, here’s a breakdown of the it’seeze franchise package
A designated territory. Most franchisors will provide this, which gives you direct access to hundreds of potential clients in your protected area. 
A dedicated website. As well as the parent’s website, a franchisee will have their own website for their business, in their area. 
A business database. To help you start, the franchisor may provide you with a business database of local businesses and leads, all of which will be GDPR-compliant, so you can reach out to them immediately. 
Promotional materials. Again, most franchisors will provide you with branded stationery, marketing literature, sales tools and supported digital marketing campaigns to help you win new business. Sometimes it’s only for your first year in business, with others it is longer. 
Business development plan. Not always the case, but professional franchisors will help you create planning and forecast spreadsheets as well as a comprehensive marketing and business development plan for your new franchise business. 
Comprehensive training. You will get all the coaching and guidance you need to start up, particularly if you are new to the industry. Often training is ongoing with the franchisor hosting training days, particularly if new products or services are being introduced. 
Resources. Most franchisors will provide you with a range of resources to help you make a success of your business. 
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 The benefits of being a franchisee 

As with any business, there are positives and negatives associated with being a franchisee, but there are plenty of benefits, including; 
It provides an opportunity for business growth as the franchisor will often cover the cost to set up your business, particularly in the retail sector, as well as support maintenance and staffing costs in the early years. 
You are starting with a well-known and established brand that has already built its brand recognition and often a loyal customer base. That reputation provides added value on which the franchisee can grow. 
There is usually support from the parent company management in dealing with staff, and the day-to-day running of the business, particularly in the early stages of running your business. 
The risks of starting a business are significantly reduced because there is already an established brand name and proven business model. 
You get a dedicated area that most franchisors ensure has only one franchisee to cover that area, ensuring there is no competition from fellow franchisees. 

 Could you sell a franchise business in the future? 

A big benefit to investing in a franchise is that you can sell it later. Why? Because it is your business. Whether you sell as a profitable business is down to you; you get out what you put in. So, although franchising is flexible, hard work pays off. 
Once you have invested in your franchise and are selling your products or services you’ll start earning. The more you sell, the more you make; in fact, your earning potential could be almost unlimited. Currently, 93% of franchisees are said to be profitable in the UK – that’s what you could be part of as a franchisee. 
At it’seeze, we offer a franchise opportunity where you can be your own boss, set your own hours in your local area and make a difference in your community. Book your Discovery Call with us today and find out how an It’seeze franchise can change your life for the better. 
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