Young people face extra challenges starting a business, so at the it'seeze franchise we're helping them tackle the problems head on by offering a way to get started. 
Alex Brook, the it'seeze Franchise Development Manager, says: "We have looked at the barriers preventing younger people from achieving their business dreams and we are taking practical steps to help break through them." 
As a UK-based web consultancy franchise, where franchisees sell it'seeze websites and digital marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), the it'seeze franchise should be a natural choice for tech-savvy Millennials seeking to start a business.  
"Few young people were applying to be franchise partners. To find out why, we looked at what might be standing in their way. We soon spotted the issues, and we've enhanced the it'seeze franchise business model to reduce them," says Alex. 

Why the it'seeze franchise is now even more attractive to younger entrepreneurs 

Start for just £3,500 
Millennials generally have less money to invest in starting a business than the ‘Baby Boomers’ or ‘Generation X’ generations, and they are particularly challenged at present. A 2018 study by the Institute of Fiscal Studies showed that annual wages were £760 lower than in 2008. Earnings for 30 to 39s fell by 7.2% to average £26,442, while 22 to 29s suffered a 4.6% cut to £21,408. 
In comparison, the annual income among all it'seeze franchisees with over one year of operation averages £33,933. Income for the top 20% of single territory franchisees averages £52,201 because our franchisees benefit earn from three major income streams. 
Alex says: "We understand the financial pressure on some people so we have made the it'seeze franchise more affordable." The overall cost of the franchise is £14,000, but new franchisees can now borrow 75% of that, increased from 70%. It means that suitable franchisees can now get started with only £3,500 liquid capital. 

 Starting a business can be tough - but launching with a franchise is easier than setting up alone 

Starting up a business with the it'seeze franchise is like setting up your own web agency - but with back-up from a company with nearly 12 years of experience. What's more, as a franchisee, you do not have to do everything in the business yourself. 
The it'seeze franchise head office employs a team of professional web designers and developers to create the bespoke websites that you sell as a franchisee. That leaves you free to market your service locally and build up your business. 

 You'll be tapping into a trend 

Increasing numbers of Millennials and Generation X realise that investing in a franchise is a better way of starting your own business than going it alone. 
Research by Royal Bank of Scotland and the British Franchise Association shows that in the two years to 2018 more than a quarter of new franchisees were 30 or under. 

 Flexible working from home 

it'seeze franchisees typically run their business flexibly from home, which research shows, attracts the under-30s. Around 70% of millennials want to work flexibly according to research by online meeting provider Powownow. 
"People now look for work that allows time for their family, social life, sports or hobbies. An it'seeze franchise is full-time, but its flexibility means you manage your own work/life balance," says Alex. 

 Added credibility from day one

Young people may feel they are not taken as seriously in business as older entrepreneurs, who may have more experience. 
However, as a it'seeze franchisee, you are backed up by its near 12 years of experience and its reputation as an ethical franchise, with an established name in the market. Your credibility is boosted from the day you launch your business. 

 A warm welcome for your skills - and help to develop new ones 

"We welcome franchise applications from all ages – however, those that already understand the benefits of technology and social media understand the importance of these mediums when it comes to reaching customers. That means it's easier for us to train them how to use these valuable tools in marketing their own business and those of their SME clients," says Alex. 
Experience in Web design is desirable but not essential, as the it'seeze franchise has a team of designers at its head office who create the sites you sell through face-to-face meetings with small business clients. The franchise also supplies business support, sales and marketing training and free membership of business networking groups where you can meet potential clients and explain your services. 
"The main thing our franchisees need is genuine enthusiasm to showcase the way an up-to-date, customer-focussed digital presence can boost their client's business. Once the customer's website is created, they develop the relationship by offering website maintenance and enhancement services," says Alex. 
For a full description of the package that it'seeze franchisees get in return for their investment, see 

 You'll not be in business alone 

Many new business owners who work alone find it can be lonely - often tough for younger people used to being in company - but not it'seeze franchisees. 
As well as support from head office, which is just a call or email away, you will be part of a strong franchise network, all running their own successful web agencies, and familiar with the issues that may crop up from time to time for new franchisees. Contact between franchisees is encouraged by the it'seeze franchise, as a way to encourage learning and spread best practice. 
Get started now - turn your energy and ambition into a thriving future. 
For more information:  
Call Alex on 01803 401 060 or 07588 903464 
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