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Have you always wanted to run your own business but are fearful of going it alone? Or are you struggling to find the start-up costs? What if we told you that you could run your own business with the support of a team that’s part of a highly respected national organisation and for a low start-up cost? Yes, there is such a thing, and it’s franchising. In fact, 48,000 businesses in the UK are franchises. 

What is a franchise? 
In the UK, a franchise is an agreement whereby the business owner, the franchisor, licences someone else, the franchisee, and its business operations, including branding, business model, knowledge, support and products (if applicable). In return, the franchisee pays the franchisor a fee and sometimes a percentage of their revenue. 
The franchisee owns their branch of the core business, and they are free to run their business in whichever they wish, including selling their branch. However, the fee they pay covers the use of many of the core business’s assets, such as the logo and branding. Good franchisors, like it’seeze, will also provide full training on running the business and its modus operandi, products and services, marketing materials, extensive sharing of knowledge from them and other franchisees, and excellent support. 
A franchise offers the opportunity to own and run your own business without the high start-up costs but with a proven business brand and model. 
The UK's most affordable franchises in 2024? 
Investment in a franchise will vary depending on the core business. For example, buying a McDonalds franchise will cost you considerably more than investing in a cleaning business. The food industry still leads the way in the most popular stakes for franchises, but other industries catching up are IT/technology, coffee shops/cafes, home improvement, cleaning, couriers/deliveries, health, wellness and fitness, senior care and pet services. 
So, if you’re considering investing in a franchise this year, what are the most affordable opportunities available? 
● Couriers/deliveries. There are a number of opportunities with investment starting from around £7,500. 
● Home improvement. This sector has grown significantly over the past few years, but start-up costs can be high, starting from around £10,000. 
● Cleaning. A long-established franchise sector with start-up costs of around £6,000. 
● Health, wellness and fitness. Like home improvement, it’s a growing sector, but you will need an investment of around £10,000. 
● IT/technology. Another growing sector predominantly driven by a huge increase in the use of the internet by consumers. Starting costs are from around £6,000. 
Franchise Direct’s list of top franchises for 2024 features it’seeze websites as one of its top three, and there are several good reasons why. With a low start-up cost of just £5,990, you can help businesses in your local area thrive online by building websites that work. 
An it’seeze website franchise is your own digital agency but with the backing of a well-known, well-established and highly respected UK brand. It’seeze’s proven successful business model is easy to follow, and you also receive the best in ongoing marketing and support, and cutting-edge technology. 
In fact, we’re confident you don’t need any design or digital marketing expertise as all our franchisees get full training on our website and digital marketing packages. You will have the flexibility to set your own hours and work from home; the more you put into your business, the more you’ll get in return. 
Why an it’seeze franchise in 2024? 
Whenever you run your own business, there comes a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment, even when you invest in a franchise with an established name and reputation. However, there are significant advantages to investing in an it’seeze franchise. 
1. You are your own boss – yes, it’s hard work, and there could be long hours, but the benefits of being your own boss outweigh the downsides. You decide on your work schedule, your own goals and ambitions. You can work from home, which enables you to earn more, which keeps your overheads down and your sales revenue up. 
2. A proven business model – we’ve been running our successful business model since 2008, and we show you how to do it with full ongoing training. 
3. Low cost = lower risk – a lower investment cost means less monetary capital, which, when combined with the fact you’re buying an established brand and reputation, equals a lower risk overall. 
4. Flexibility – there’s greater scope to adjust your working hours to suit your lifestyle, be it part-time or full-time, giving you a better work-life balance. 
5. Work from home – you have the freedom to work remotely from home. 
6. An established brand – it’seeze is an established, well-known website development business that has earned an enviable reputation for producing highly effective, easy-to-use websites for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the UK. 
7. A great support network unrivalled ongoing support for our franchisees and an amazing team of website developers so you can focus on running your business. 
8. Access to a library of knowledge and resources – there is an enormous library of extensive knowledge and resources that you can fall back on at any time. 
9. Sell at a later date – once you’ve built your business, it’s up to you what you do with it. 
10. Ongoing support – by joining the it’seeze community of franchisees, you get the support of our entire UK-wide franchise network. 
Our it’seeze franchisees build their businesses by creating bespoke website designs that are fully SEO optimised, user-friendly, affordable and rank highly in Google’s search engine results. What’s more satisfying than knowing your client’s website will boost their business and stimulate growth? 
It’seeze delivers a highly sustainable franchise business that allows our franchisees to build and grow their own business into a profitable success. Are you ready to change your life for the better, and be your own boss?  
To find out more about our franchise package and to discover if you could be our next it’seeze franchisee, book your Discovery Call today. It really could be the opportunity to start 2024 on the right foot! 
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